Caffeinate and rejuvenate

For a really gentle but invigorating scrub experience, try Mr. Bean Body Coconut Coffee Bean Body Scrub.

The naturally sourced coffee beans and coconut oil in this scrub boost blood flow to help smooth cellulite.

If coconut is not your friend, there’s Mandarin, Peppermint and Vanilla among the other blends, as well as one just for men.

SCRUB_coconut_MrBeanCaffeine will stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins and psoriasis. Demerara Sugar and Himalayan Salt will exfoliate your skin, removing dead skin, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, breakouts and other skin blemishes. Coconut Oil will hydrate and moisturise your skin, and Cocoa and Vitamin E are high in antioxidants which nourish and protect the skin, promoting cell repair and rejuvenation.

Directions: All good things start in the shower. Get wet, rub a large handful of scrub in circular massage motions, focusing on problem areas. Leave to dry for 5 minutes and finish with a rinse.

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A cocktail of happiness

For a fresh and enlivening boost of scent, that might prepare you for a night out on the town later, you should try Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural.

‘Ultimate femininity is natural and effortless’ – René Lacoste.

The pleated skirt is the inspiration for this new fragrance. It displays a freedom to move and timeless modernity, just like the Eau de Lacoste scents allow you the freedom to be yourself.Edl_Natural

With a cocktail of coconut, raspberry, woody Orris and pineapple, this is a light, fresh, uplifting yet warm and refined scent that is perfect for recalling summer, even when the days are getting slowly colder. Discreet yet addictive.

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Fast Friday – Goodnight, sleep tight

For a rested sleep and a picture perfect face when you wake, try Superfacialist Rose Peaceful Skin Night Cream.

Superfacialist_NightThis cream goes to work while you sleep to rejuvenate, soothe and strengthen skin cells.

The combination of moisture boosting hyaluronic acid, precious rosehip, soothing cucumber and willow, helps to improve skin’s elasticity and softens the early signs of skin aging. Skin is left feeling hydrated from the inside out, soon revealing a replenished, natural glow. Feel like you have had an expert facial every day!

How to Use

Every evening massage gently onto a clean face and neck and let the delicate rose scent unwind your senses. Dermatologically tested.

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Themed Thursday – A moment of peace

Enjoy a tranquil sensation, by adding some peaceful products to your beauty routine.

First up, and one for the boys, is Lynx Bodyspray – Peace. An intriguing fragrance, billed as supremely irresistible. There’s also shower gel and shampoo in the range to create an all-over awesome scent.Lynx_PeaBodySpray

LLo_DBlNPFor girls in search of a good mani, there’s Lottie London Lottie Laquer, Peace Out, Dark Blue nail polish. Make a splash with this azure pop blue polish.

And for instant calm in times of mini-crisis, try Origins Peace of Mind™. When the world closes in on you and your head feels a size too small, apply just two dabs of this mind-clearing magic potion on the back of your neck, temples and earlobes. You’ll feel a tingling sensation as pressure, tension and tightness begin to feel as if they melt away.Origins_PofM

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You’re as young as you feel

For perfect skin no matter your age, treat your self to the affordable yet effective L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Rosy Re-Fortifying Day Cream.

The L’Oréal laboratories have combined an exclusive complex of Flower Extracts and Neo-Calcium in a daily care formulated for skin losing its youthful density and natural colour. This is their first cream specifically formulated for very mature skin.


The formula is enriched with Neo-Calcium, known for its fortifying properties. The formula helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier function and support the skin’s structure. Skin feels more resilient and re-cushioned.

Enriched with Imperial Peony extract and Iris flower, the formula also helps rehydrate the skin to help restore its natural colour with a healthy rosy glow. It also contains natural pink pigments to instantly beautify the complexion.

How to Use

– Apply every morning on a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

– Apply with circular motions for better absorption. Avoid the eye contours.

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Life in the fast lane

For those in a hurry, who want to look good in an instant, get the perfect manicure in a flash, courtesy of Butter London 3 Free Nail Lacquer in Racing Green.

Look good and feel great with nails that are the international racing colour of Great Britain. It was used on all Formula One racing cars in the old days.ButterL_NLRaGre

An elegant pick.


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Man of the hour

For those fellas who want to be see and heard, there’s EMPORIO ARMANI Diamonds for Men Eau de Toilette.

This woody gourmand aromatic scent for men is the definition of masculinity and desire: hard to resist.

In the initial aromas, the icy opening contrasts with lingering sensual, burning accents. The emblematic notes of men’s fragrance are subverted with original surprising and addictive ingredients and this sparkling duality gives birth to a play of dazzling reflections.EmAr_DiaMen

A luminous, daringly full-bodied opening, the refined, radiant freshness of the Italian citrus-bergamot accord is enlivened by a vibrant, electric burst of Sichuan Pepper. It has a virile, tumultuous, impertinent heart. Cedar, the iconic embodiment of masculinity, is shaken up by the addictive and unexpected power of the deliciously familiar, intimate and alluring cocoa bean. And there is a noble, ardent dry down. The slightly smoky gaiac wood and intense vetiver are set off by ambroxan with warm flinty accents.

The interpretation of an irresistible, solid diamond. With its recessed facets along the side, the luminous square of glass plays with rays of light, reflecting them from within in infinite configurations like a modern kaleidoscope. A streamlined, powerful, faceted object. Set firmly on its base, featuring an integrated shiny metal spraycap adorned with the famous eagle emblem.

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