Love is like a red red rose

Treat your skin to a bit of luxury today, thanks to Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Facial Toner.

Gentle on sensitive skin and with a delicious, light rose scent, this cooling toner will leave your skin feeling clean but not stripped.

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Fast Friday – Magic Milk

For a gentle way to remove the grime of the day from faces, there’s L’Oréal Fine Flowers Cleansing Milk.

This gentle product removed impurities and make-up in one go, with the added bonus that, after a few weeks of use, your dry patches might well disappear.

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Themed Thursday – Wipe away the stress of the day

For a quick way to take off they day’s grime and leave you with extra minutes to do something more fun, you should invest in a pack of face wipes. And let’s just not tell the skincare snobs that we’re missing out on that three-step make-up removing routine.

To moisturise and brighten, there’s Yes To™ Grapefruit Brightening Wipes. With plenty of inbuilt moisture to swipe of make-up easily, these fruity-scented wipes leave skin feeling soft and radiant, and your complexion brighter. The handy snap seal on the pack stops them drying out, too.YesTo_GFWipes

SImple_NaRWipesFor a soothing spa-style experience, there’s Simple Kind to Skin+ Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes. They contain mango extract, glycerine and bisabolol that refine skin tone, hydrate and nourish, soothe and calm, and no alcohol; they also have no oil so are non-drying and non-greasy. These gentle wipes are also ideal even on sensitive skin.

And for an exfoliating experience, Kiko Milano Scrub & Peel Wipes offer a genius design with a double-sided texture. KikoMilano_SandPWipesThe gritty surface exfoliates, which is great for getting the blood pumping, while a smooth side comforts and removes grime – ideal for serial fake tanners, especially on hands.

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Sleeping beauty

Somewhere between a gel and a cream, Decléor Paris Hydraflora Hydrating Night Balm is a thick balm that is ideal for slathering on overnight.

When you wake, your skin will look brighter, and feel more plump and hydrated.

This invigorating and nourishing balm works at night when skin is most receptive to help maintain the balance and radiance of tired-looking skin.

Ideal for use whenever skin needs a boost, it has a sensual, calming scent which is perfect for relaxing the senses before you sleep. Active ingredients include essential oils of basil to purify and heal the skin, neroli to soften and camomile to prevent the appearance of dark spots and calm the skin, plus Tonka Bean to boost micro-circulation.

A combination of plant oils including avocado, hazelnut and beeswax help hydrate and repair. When smoothed onto the face, this 100% natural nourishing balm dissolves into the skin to comfort even the driest of skins, leaving you with a supple, soft, smooth and bright complexion when you wake.

How to use
• At night, warm a small amount of balm in the palms of your hands
• Inhale the aroma of your deliciously-scented balm
• Apply to your cleansed face and neck, by massaging gently.

Suitable for all skin types and preservative-free. Also ideal to use as an SOS for insect bites, in-grown hairs and burns, and for nourishing the tips of your hair.

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You’re a star

In need of the brightening boost of a facial, without the vast price associated? If so, read on.

Starskin 7-Second Morning Mask™ are miracle pads that exfoliate, tone, moisturise and prime in just one swipe, making them a one-stop shop for a natural glow.

This is a new-generation all-in-one beauty innovation that combines the ultimate 7-step morning skincare routine into one easy-to-use Mask Pad that delivers instant visible results. Soaked in a powerhouse serum infused with skin-brightening actives, fermented ingredients and probiotics, it brightens skin with radiating luminosity.

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Blondes may well have more fun

If you’re in need of a quick way to boldness, rather than brassiness, to your blonde locks this summer, you need the following product in your beauty life.

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Masque is a brightening marvel.

It will ensure your platinum tresses stay looking their best.

This quick-rinse, magician-of-a-treatment instantly hydrates, softens, and amps up your pale strands by neutralizing those nasty trace minerals that lead to dullness and yellowing. Nothing heavy, nothing greasy, just on-tone, crystal-clear perfection here.

Perfect choice for: Any bleached, double-processed, or high-lifted blonde hair. The kind you get on purpose.

Here’s how: Apply several pumps one or more times per week as needed to damp, freshly cleansed hair. Leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

The inside secret: The Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex actually targets and reconstructs damaged strands; the naturally-occurring amino acid, Arginine, is replenished, and an exotic blend of Polynesian and Tahitian Tamanu and Manoi oils hydrate and bump up that big-time blonde shine.

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Sleep well

To help you feel better the morning after the night before, look no further.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil is your new pal.

With a soothing lavender scent, this oil removes make-up and deeply cleanses skin.

It is the brand’s first lightweight essential oil facial cleanser.

How does it work? This all-in-one, non-comedogenic cleansing formula emulsifies with water to become a cleansing milk. This gently, yet effectively helps dissolve difficult-to-remove makeup and impurities – without over-drying – leaving skin not only fresh and clean, but also balanced, soothed and prepared for optimal night-time replenishment.

What’s more, the facial cleanser is made from an aromatic blend of pure botanical oils: Squalane, a planted-derived lipid with a natural affinity for skin; evening primrose oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids; and lavender essential oil.

It’s soap-free, sulphate-free and mineral oil-free, so for your one-stop cleanser the search stops here.

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