Going loco for cocoa

Sometimes nothing else hits the spot the way chocolate does: a square of dark chocolate to finish a meal (yeah, if you’re a grown-up!); a mug of cocoa on a chilly day, or a big slice of fudge cake when you’re feeling gloomy, or meeting friends for gossip.

But now the clever cocoa lovers at Hotel Chocolat have harnessed the power of chocolate to help you feel better on the outside as well as on the inside, using it in a new spa range that will help to relax and nourish, to hydrate and exfoliate, detox and energise.

As one of the few chocolate makers in the world to grow cocoa, they have been able to gain rare and intimate knowledge of the cocoa bean, and know that cocoa isn’t just rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins; it also contains natural feelgood compounds to lift your mood, pep you up and make you feel good.

Inspired by the serene beauty and sun-dappled calm of their cocoa groves, the company built Boucan Hotel in the stunning surroundings of Rabot Estate, and included an on-site spa, so that others could experience this natural beauty too.

And so, CocoaJuvenate was born, a range of exclusive spa treatments inspired by the brand’s own rare Saint Lucian cocoa. Each one has been formulated to protect, renew, enliven and uplift, with invigorating scents evoking the refreshing tang of a freshly cut cocoa pod. So if you can’t escape to the spa, the spa can come to you.

Take a moment to try the Revive Body Oil and get sublimely soft, sleek skin thanks to this rich body oil, made with handpicked premium ingredients including organic West Indian cocoa butter, Moroccan argan oil and green coffee oil, that nourishes the skin while helping to sculpt the silhouette.CJ-body-oil

Or what about trying the Revive Hand & Body Wash, and cocoon your skin in rich, bubbly lather as you cleanse, care and nourish hard working hands and body, leaving your skin deliciously scented with a blissful aroma reminiscent of tangy, raw cocoa from a freshly broken cocoa pod. CJ-hand-body-washThis is made with handpicked premium ingredients including cocoa extract, honey and cane sugar to nourish, soften and gently cleanse your skin.

The range also features Hand Cream, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Polish, Body Butter, a Lip Balm for the smoothest, sweetest lips,CJ-lip-balm and a Treatment Candle, which is inspired by the beautiful natural scents found around the CocoaJuvenate Spa, set in the cocoa groves of Rabot Estate, Saint Lucia. CJ-candleAn invigorating scent with an uplifting and enlivening fusion of bergamot, green tea and citrus notes, blended seamlessly with the rich aromas of jasmine, neroli and rose.


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It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive. Writing, dabbling in beauty, living, drumming and being myself in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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