Time to Talk … with the dazzling Jake Sauvage

As outspoken and outrageous as he is talented, if you haven’t already made the acquaintance of talented Canadian make-up artist, entrepreneur and blogger Jake Sauvage, then you’ve been missing out. Allow me to introduce you right now.I Am Jake Sauvage

What is most important to you – feeling good or looking good; or a bit of both?

Honestly, a little bit of both – maybe at a 70:30 ratio (feeling good:looking good) … I mean, when you feel good it’s like everything around you is brighter. You’re motivated to do better things – and in the process you’re motivating the people around you to do better things … I know it sounds cheesy but you can really tell when somebody feels good about themselves – and that’s attractive.

What treatment/product can’t you live without?

Definitely the Vitamin C & Retinol mask from EmerginC (Click here to find out more) – the retinoid beads in the mask work to resurface the skin, the vitamin C works to produce collagen and lighten pigmentation and the kaolin clay draws out impurities – for anybody with a combo-normal to oily skin type I’d definitely recommend this mask! It’s incredibly anti-aging, works to smooth out the skin and leaves you feeling incredibly clean!

What is your top product for hair/face?

Let’s do a hair product this time – I’d have to say the Macadamia Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream. It’s very light in texture, doesn’t affect the color of blonde hair and doubles as a styling cream – your hair is going to feel super soft and have volume using this. I’ve sworn by this product for years now and I haven’t found anything that measures up just yet.

What is your favourite scent?

I wore YSL L’Homme a lot over the holiday season. It’s a very classic scent – warm and sensual; I swear I’ve never gotten so many questions about what cologne I’m wearing! If any of your readers need a gift for the special man in their life, this is something I’d wholeheartedly recommend.

With such a busy schedule, what is your best tip for staying youthful/well?

I know it’s going to sound cheesy but make time for yourself – if you feel like you’re overworked, take a break! I try to eat well – and budget money for supplementation. You know, skin care and makeup are fantastic but if you’re not getting what you need on the inside the outside is going to show it – trust me. I commit to working out 3 times a week, taking a bubble bath every Sunday and try to get out dancing once a week – it’s all about balance, but keep in mind everybody is different and you need something that works for you!

How did you get into blogging?

Originally, it was going to be a fitness challenge blog – when the blog was founded I was 60lbs. heavier and I planned on using it as a motivational platform. But I’m an aesthetician/makeup artist, so when I started getting more into the blogosphere I wanted to write about what it was that I’m passionate about – now it’s a mix of beauty and wellness (the way it should be) and about a year later you can see the progress I’ve made with my challenge here. I guess it did help to serve as a motivational platform after all, huh?!

If you weren’t surrounded by a world of beauty, what would you be doing?

I know it’s a little bit random but I’ve always wanted to be a character/level designer for games. There are times here and there where I still experiment with game-making platforms … but honestly, it’s just play – I think if I was to do it for work it would kill my interest in it. I can’t see myself outside of the beauty industry in all honesty – is that strange?

What’s next for you?

Well I plan on building some relationships with other blogs and companies this year (Time To Talk Beauty is delighted to be one of them!) – but in regards to what I’d actually like to do with my life? I love the company I’m working for at the moment – but what I really want to get into is education. You might see it on my site – but I’m interested in the “why” and actually educating people on why something’s good or bad for them. I feel like one day – with my personality and wealth of knowledge – I’ll be a great educator, ahaha!

Jake Sauvage


Connect with Jake at his blog, on Facebook, or at Twitter.


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3 Responses to Time to Talk … with the dazzling Jake Sauvage

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  2. Had to come check this out when I saw the teaser on Tres Sauvage! I recently found Jake’s blog and am glad to have done so!!! I totally agree with his Macadamia Oil product love! I love the actual oil, but perhaps I should try the cream too….. Great blog you’ve got here!

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