Time to Talk … with Mandi Perkins, lead singer with of Verona

The name of Verona comes from one of Shakespeare’s earliest known play, ‘Two Gentlemen of Verona’. With the smallest cast of any of the Shakespeare plays, the band imagined it as the underdog of sorts, surviving on the sheer virtue of its story.of Verona – Mandi

With a debut album of electronica and alternative pop making waves, and a UK tour on the cards, the Los Angeles-based band are also set to be nothing less than victorious, thus continuing the legend of Verona!

I caught up with their lead singer Mandi Perkins, who shared her secrets to looking and feeling good.

What is most important to you – feeling good or looking good; or a bit of both?

Definitely both. I love getting face creams, new glitter and getting my hair done. Plus, when my skin feels clear, I have extra confidence. But if you’re sick or depressed, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside because you will still feel dark on the inside and this sadness will always show in some way through your eyes or smile. When you feel great on the inside, you automatically look better on the outside –  it’s almost as though you have a glow from within. It’s really important to work on both. They play off each other.

What is in your bathroom cabinet?

A hundred Sephora samples (I collect them – they are an artist’s best friend on the road), Neutrogena cream cleanser, Caudalie Vino Perfect Serum, Dr Jart’s SPF 45 BB Cream and Visine.

What treatment/product can’t you live without?

M.A.C Strobe Cream. Before I get on stage, I always put it on all over my body. Light hits it and it makes your skin look radiant.

What is your favorite scent?

Anything Vanilla. Who doesn’t love the smell of cookies?!

What is your top product for hair/face?

Anything by Caudalie is amazing. It’s really gentle. I have sensitive skin and I’ve tried using harsher products that I know would probably work faster, but they rip my skin apart. If the cure is worse than the ailment, it’s not worth  it. My hairdresser, Hilary Smith, always uses products from Kerastase in my hair. It’s super long and can get dry, so she uses their conditioning hair mask treatment once a month and the Nectar Thermique leave in conditioner.

With such a busy schedule, what is your best tip for staying youthful/well?

Don’t smoke. I quit a few years ago and even though it was really quite hard, it makes a massive difference in your skin. Drinking water, eating a lot of fruit and fish, moisturising as much as possible and getting good sleep if you can. And laughing. Smiling is the sexiest thing you can do for your face.

What’s next for you?of Verona

We have a bunch of shows coming up in the States and we’re leaving for the UK in a couple of weeks! I’ll have to find some good beauty products for the plane 🙂

The band’s debut album, ‘The White Apple’ is available now.

Connect with of Verona online, on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.


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