Themed Thursday – Truly turquoise

For a burst of vibrant energy, simply add some turbo-charged turquoise to your beauty life.

BaMLEyTurTo add a pop of colour to eyes, try Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Turquoise’, with a quick-drying formula so you can create that flick in seconds and a superfine brush that allows easy application.

Or to achieve different looks in the blink of an eye, treat your peepers to Maybelline Ancill Big Eyes in ‘Luminous Turquoise 3’, the brand’s first shadow palette of three day-to-night shades to also come with a light catching primer. Discover the power of light, for bigger, brighter looking eyes.MayBigEyes


For giving nails an instant ‘wow’ factor, there’s Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish in ‘Turquoise’Its one-coat gel formula, enriched with silicon gives nails the perfect curve and an ultra glossy result, while its fan-effect brush adapts to the size of each nail for an ultra quick, neat and groomed result in just one second, with a single stroke.BourjoisOSNPTur

And for the nature-loving man, who likes smelling good, there’s Kenzo Homme Woody Eau de Toilette – Kenzo Boisee, an aromatic woody fragrance that celebrates man and the elements. A celebration of the organic relationship between man and the earth, this is a dynamic scent that is equally energetic and intense. Wholly masculine and deeply sensual, the inspiration behind the fragrance is the steadfast power, strength and serenity of the tree: an entity that, like man, draws its strength from nature.

KHWoodyHe is peaceful, full of movement, depth and insight. Balanced and tolerant, the Kenzo Woody man has his face upturned to the turquoise sky, the brilliant blue reflected in his eyes. He is as quietly commanding as the tree: firmly rooted to the ground yet dreaming and aspiring up past the tree tops. The fragrance opens up with the bright, leafy greens of mint and basil, descending down the tree trunk to the all-encompassing warmth of rosemary and Madagascan pepper, before sinking into the rich and fertile roots of vetiver and Atlas cedar. Poetic, huh? And it smells as good as it sounds.







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It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive. Writing, dabbling in beauty, living, drumming and being myself in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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