Fast Friday – A legend in your own life

In need of a colour pop for your lips? Help is at hand, courtesy of Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss.

These are saturated shades of gloss with mirror-smooth shine that’s never sticky.


You’ll love it because this gloss starts with a clear, hydrating base free of traditional heavy binders (meaning no stick-factor), then it’s infused slowly with bold pigments (unlike most glosses that are over-processed in a rush). This means it’s got an airy feel, that perfection glassy finish and vibrant colour.

Just one swipe leaves a vibrant wash of gorgeous colour since the pigments are left intact with the careful mixing process.

Tip: create the illusion of a plumper pout by dabbing a bit of extra gloss in the centre!


About Miss G

It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive. Writing, dabbling in beauty, living, drumming and being myself in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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