Themed Thursday – The witching hour

For those who like to stay up late, and regularly risk their carriage turning back into a pumpkin, never fear; there are lots of beauty products for the midnight hour.

First up is This Works no wrinkles midnight moisture. This is a natural and intensely hydrating cream to accelerate the way skin can repair itself during sleep. Rich in Persian Silk Tree Extract to support the natural detoxification of glycotoxins at night, it also has anti- ageing Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the skin, Shea Butter Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil. Wake up glowing, visibly firmer plumped up skin. How to Use: Apply to clean skin in the evening.ThisWorks_MiMoi

Sensa_MiMaFor a manicure with twilight magic and sparkle, there’s SensatioNail™ Gel Polish in ‘Midnight Magic’. A multi-faceted black glitter, this is a stunning all-in-one black polish with an array of coloured glitter particles infused within, an explosion of colour particles which catch the light at different angles. It also offers up to two weeks of damage-proof wear. Result!

And for those who like their lashes large, there’s No7 Midnight Lash Mascara.Boots_N7Ma The brand’s blackest ever mascara, for star studded glamour that will dress your lashes in a dazzling combination of black pearl and sapphire. Use this for spectacular volume.


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It ain't no sin to be glad you're alive. Writing, dabbling in beauty, living, drumming and being myself in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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2 Responses to Themed Thursday – The witching hour

  1. I really starting to love no.7 products! 💜

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